BlueTherm Corporation

An exciting thermal management company!

Industry Challenge

Thermal management plays a central role in many facets of semiconductor utilization and optimization.  Some devices are commonly operated below their maximum capacity to protect the device from damage due to excessive heat buildup. Heat determines in part the efficiency, durability, stability, and manufacturing methods pertinent to particular classes of semiconductor devices  As environments shrink and apply more power, the challenge of dissipating more heat more rapidly becomes a paramount pursuit.

BlueTherm Approach

Why we can make a real difference is found in our first-principles physics discovery that is capable of transferring far higher levels of heat than comparable solutions today.  The underlying development of the first-principles physics established by BlueTherm’s patent pending technology offers a meta-solution platform across many facets of use cases where heat and its rapid removal is a challenge.

About BlueTherm

BlueTherm Corporation has been formed for the purpose of bringing to commercial markets an innovative and transformative heat removal system capable of allowing high heat fluxes in ways not seen in the market today at the low cost level envisioned by the company. We have an experienced team with years of combined experience in the thermal management, as well as leadership with strong roots and success in deploying leading edge technologies.

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